Deafheaven is a San Francisco band known for their epicly-black metal. For those in the know, there are no combination of words that can properly describe the rise and fall of Deafheaven’s songs live. The most emotive of the five would be singer George Clarke, who was in full doom squad uniform. At times, I was able to read his lips shout out nothing as he scoured the crowd. At other times, he would walk to the edge of the stage, sans microphone, screaming his heart away. It’s no surprise that the house and side stage was crammed pack at this point. For me, having some opening band love is always important. This show was packed from front to back the entire night. - by Nick Wan / photos by David Wajsfelner - SEE FULL REVIEW OF SHOW

Best show I’ve been to in the past year. Read this awesome review.

Saw these guys at Harlow’s. Mindblowing.

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