“Curry exists of course, in our fairly simple sense, on the menus of Indian restaurants and in the bottles of curry powder to be found even in unpretentious U.S. grocery stores. But search though the shelves in an Indian kitchen, or grocery store, and you will find no bottles labeled ‘curry powder.’ What Indians buy or make are often called ‘masala’, different mixtures of ground spices used to season a variety of dishes.


So British curry powder is really a fabricated entity, the logic of colonial commerce imposing a term that signified a particular type of dish onto a specific mixture of spices, which then became a fixed and familiar product…”

-Uma Narayan, Disclocating Cultures

A lot of people I know need to realize this.

Curry exists, but it’s the Tamil word for a type of gravy. It’s not a powder, or a leaf.

(via dayanitaisfriend)